Unit 2 Homework


Settings: aperture priority (A or AV on dial) - auto ISO Photograph the same 20 easy to find objects in or around the house that fit into these 3 general guidelines from the precourse homework: A still life - Examples: wine bottle, piece of fruit, christmas ornament, tennis ball, slice of bread - these all have very different surface textures of different difficulties to work with Something outside - Examples: a tree, water, a puddle, the view from your front door or backyard. Something moving - Examples: person, pet, bird flying by, traffic. Shoot from a similar position with similar lighting, Play with Depth of Field in these images, can you blur the background? If you have a range of still objects you’ve been shooting, combine 3 in one image in a line one in the background, middle and foreground and focus on each individually obscuring the others If you’re finding your exposure is not quite right still you can shoot in either Manual or Program mode, ensuring your ISO is still on auto and set your shutter speed and aperture together for a better exposed image, now we have more understanding of how aperture can work with shutter speed, find which stops pair with each other for each of your homework shots. Extra credit: Find your infinity focus and shoot a nightscape, which aperture will work best for this? Upload your pics in the student lounge and let us know how you found the exercise

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