Nov 5, 2020 - Nov 10, 2020

Pre-course Homework

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Settings: AUTO - shutter speed, aperture & ISO Photograph 20 easy to find objects in or around the house that fit into these 3 general guidelines: A still life - Examples: wine bottle, piece of fruit, christmas ornament, tennis ball, slice of bread - these all have very different surface textures of different difficulties to work with Something outside - Examples: a tree, water, a puddle, the view from your front door or backyard. Something moving - Examples: person, pet, bird flying by, traffic. These are just general guidelines but i want you to shoot things you're excited about and find interesting, photography should be enjoyable for you - shoot things you like but may often pass by as just everyday objects, this exercise is about retraining the way you look at the everyday and developing your photographers eye. Think about surfaces, rain drops on windows, patterns, textures of wood or fabric, bright colours, is there any art in your home or street art near by? Write a list of all the things you’ve photographed and what time of day you photographed them, try to photograph them at the same time every unit and from a similar angle. These will be our before images in just a few weeks time for you to look back on and see how much you’ve learnt and how much is changed with your technique, it’s ok to not love them, it’s great if you’re already happy with them but note the things that are or aren’t working for you with these images.

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