Unit 3 Homework

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Settings: Aperture Priority, Shutter Priority, Program or Manual - Manual ISO Photograph the same 20 easy to find objects in or around the house that fit into these 3 general guidelines from the precourse homework: A still life - Examples: wine bottle, piece of fruit, christmas ornament, tennis ball, slice of bread - these all have very different surface textures of different difficulties to work with Something outside - Examples: a tree, water, a puddle, the view from your front door or backyard. Something moving - Examples: person, pet, bird flying by, traffic. Shoot at a different time of day I.E: if you've been shooting a tree at noon, try it at night and find which ISO is better suited to this scenario. Try using a higher ISO and slower shutter speed to experiment with some of your movement shots in a darker scenario or show movement with a lower ISO and higher shutter speed in the day. Extra credit: Go full manual and correctly expose your previous homework shots using the exposure triangle. Upload your pics in the student lounge and let us know how you found the exercise

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