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Christmas Photo Booth Props

To offer a service that is quick, flexible and fun so you can focus on other things and enjoy your special day!

We search far and wide to bring you the best prices, we compare our packages and prices to other companies to bring you a competitive and complete service at the best price, we offer a range of services that can be combined at a discounted price to only leave you with one stress free bill at the end of the night

We couldn’t justify paying thousands of dollars for a service ourselves so why should you?

We understand how expensive events can be so we aim to provide a package tailored to suit every type of event and budget.

We don’t charge any ridiculous fees or hidden extras, 

what you see is what you get.

Victoria Wide Photobooth Hire

Say Cheese!


We Strive

I’ve always loved venues with photo booths, being able to grab a friend and go be a goof in a box, unfortunately when it came to the special moments in my life I couldn’t offer that service to my guests, and the times I could was way out of my budget or just plain inconvenient in terms of having to wait weeks to receive my photos so I decided to get my own! My booth is as much a special part of my events as I hope yours to be.

We take care of everything from loading the booth in to moving it out again, our space saving module fits so easily into any venue and setting up your custom set takes mere minutes

We generally like to have everything in an hour-30 minutes before your event starts so we can be sure you and your guests can start playing straight away with no issues

Once set up the booth will guide you through the process with it's voice automation and touch screen, it will count down before taking each photo giving you plenty of time to grab a new prop and strike a pose

After your photo is taken it will give you the option of filters to choose from from black and white, to sepia and some other fun colours we think you will love

Your photos will then print automatically with an option to print extra copies, email to yourself or a friend or upload directly to socail media

How does it work?


A huge selection of unique and fun props is provided in all packages ranging from moustaches, hats, speech bubbles, frames, you name it!

We have hundreds we interchange to suit your particular event theme and if we don't have it we make it so you have a prop for every pose to suit your theme

Props Galore!

So apart from offering you one of the worlds highest quality photobooths and a competitive rate, throw in some extra services and come to you anywhere in Victoria, what else can we do to make your event more memorable?

Everything is personalally customised to suit your event, we love themed partys, it's our opportunity to bust out the costume box to make sure our staff and booth are belle of the ball with custom designed sets and backdrops (including greenscreen options) to suit your venue and decor and we dont stop there, our inhouse design team create custom print overlays for every event, that means every print your guest recieves has their photos printed out on a beautiful design made just for you!

Choose your prop

Grab your friends

Strike a pose (or 4)

Choose your filter



We are proud to offer you one of Australias highest quality photo booths, custom built to our specific wants by one of Australia’s most trusted and multi award winning companies.


All packages are tailor made to suit your events needs and ensure you're paying the best price for services you actually use.

Package rates are subject to discount when combined with any affiliate services.

Prices listed on this site are a vague indication based on past events, we have whipped up this handy survey for you to fill out so we can generate an accurate quote to send straight to your inbox.

Flexible package options


Our booth boasts a high quality Canon DSLR camera launching us far above other booths who use a webcam quality camera, as a professional photographer I want my booth to reflect all my work, I am a snob for quality and you should be too!

We use only the highest quality printer, ink and papers

inbuilt to the booth to offer you an instant print of your images that are guaranteed to last over 100 years with colours that pop right off the page, personalisation is also offered in all of our packages allowing you to personalize each print with your name, logo or whatever you want!

We also offer additional goodies such as guestbooks with a copy of your photos, digital copies and inbuilt social media capabilities.


With full flexibility and onsite service to ensure you have time to relax, plan other aspects of your event and of course enjoy your night.

 We offer full support with all packages, generally our booths are staffed to assist with getting all your guests a go in the booth, props, and anything confusing or anything that may go wrong, our booths are all connected to the internet for quick diagnosis of any software failure that can be accessed by our supplier and fixed in a matter of minutes

Our booths set up and pack down in under 10 minutes making everything less stressful for you and the staff of your venue, they are also famously award winning in design for space saving taking up only around 1m x 1m in space allowing more room for dancing.


Traditional Booth


#Quality #Technology #Fun!

With this unique booth you and your guests are the photographers!

We've created this fun little box for you using the latest technology to print out your uploads directly from instagram!

So how does that even work? Well it's our little secret, we've developed a set up you won't find anywhere else in the world and packed it all into this tiny space machine ready to spice up your party!

Basically you snap the photos on your phone, upload to insta using your unique party hashtag and your pics will print instantly from the booth making it much more versatile and mobile than the traditional set up with the same amount of fun and personalisation included.

Our Hashtag booth sets up and packs down in under 5 minutes and can be placed virtually anywhere taking up as little room as a shoe box

This booth can be operate without a power source for up to 3 hours


All-inclusive packages include:

Set up & Pack up

Selection of props

Unlimited prints & re-prints

Optional booth attendant

Personalized prints

Custom set design

Digital copies of all images

Direct social media posting


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