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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you?

Our studio is located in Morwell Victoria; we are close (300 metres to be exact!) to the train station on the Bairnsdale/Traralgon line approx 1.5 hours from Melbourne.

I also operate as a mobile studio so i am willing to travel to your home or if you have a specific location or theme in mind however this may incur a travel fee if you are outside reasonable radius (package shoots which specify location shoot will not incur a fee)

Dang, I live too far away

We often to travel to Brisbane, Melbourne and other parts of VIC (which will not incur travel costs!) so feel free to inquire about a shoot!

We consider all travel opportunities where there is enough public interest and post any potential voyages on the Facebook page, keep updated!

We also travel Victoria wide for wedding and photo booth hire packages!

What do your packages include?

Please consult out current packages post to see our standard packages plus regularly updated specials, we like to promote something fun a little cheaper every month!

Our pricing includes the time specified for your shoot plus all the editing/retouching/printing and your final veiwing/consultation, packages can often seem highly priced for only half an hour of shooting but these behind the scenes factors often take several hours not to mention the years of learning this skill and thousands of dollars on said education, software, lighting, the studio itself and photographic equipment, you can learn more about what really goes into your images here.

Can i only choose from the set packages in your price list?

NOPE! i'm fairly flexible and always down for a creative idea! my shoots ALL include a tailor made theme to suit the individual, so expect some random questions during the booking process so i can get an idea of what to do with you, i am always open to suggestions if you have something particular in mind and sometimes even cast for particular ideas on my Facebook page at a discounted price, if there is anything you are looking for to pizzaz up your portfolio or just something that looks like fun don't hesitate to email me :)

You work with a lot of professional models, do i need experience to book a fashion/concept shoot with you?

Not at all! Everybody has to start somewhere and i help many many young aspiring models kickstart their portfolios, i also work closely with Obscene Talent Agency and am experienced at working with amateur models and giving the right assistance and direction to help get you on the road to fashion modelling or just to add some sparkle and excitement to your life for fun!

Do i own the images from our shoot?

Ooh this is always a tricky one, if you have purchased a package shoot from me you are free to use the images wherever you want, post them on Facebook, send them to your mum, whatever within reason! I do appreciate being consulted before publication but i'm totally flattered and down for you promoting my work.

I ask that you please credit me or link to my website when publishing photos online.

I do place watermarks on digital copys (a small opaque logo in the corner, nothing too distracting or annoying) this can be removed for prints but i mainly keep it there to control the below mentioned issue.

TFP projects and test shoots usage is limited.

Please do not: claim to be the creator of my work, there is a lot of intellectual theft within the industry and i have caught my work on other peoples sites claiming they created it, i work hard to do what i do, so do my models, i will find you and there will be strongly worded letters and potential law suits.

I also ask that you do not manipulate, edit or recreate my work without first consulting me, in most cases i'm up for it as long as i can keep track of authorised and unauthorised copies.


A copy of our model release must be signed prior to shooting, don’t worry, you’re not signing away your soul, it is a copyright formality as the images may be published on our Facebook page, you are more than welcome to have a read before booking a shoot, anything you’re not comfortable with will be published, please be sure to let us know if there is anything you don’t want online before we post them.


We have a deposit system of a fraction of the shoot price (which is part of the total price) due to broken trust and no-shows, this is my job so a courtesy message is appreciated if you can’t make it, 48 hours = we can re-schedule, any less (extreme circumstances excused) you risk losing your deposit. Please let me know if you’re going to be late or have to cancel at late notice and we may be able to work something out.

Learn more about our deposit policy here

What else do i have to do?

HAVE FUN! Relax, have a cold beverage and be natural.

I like to be creative in my work, we have a sound system so feel free to bring along some tunes, if you feel nervous you are most welcome to bring along a friend/relative/partner under the conditions they do not interfere with the shoot and that they may just be asked to help hold things.

I give posing direction and will help you thru the shoot if it is a specific theme, i will only shoot what you feel comfortable with so no need to worry if you have no modelling experience, first timers most welcome, we all start somewhere!

Read more about how to prepare for your shoot here

Tell me about your photo booth for hire!

You can find everything you need to know about hiring my photo booth for your event here

Anything else?

All details and a brief outline of the shoot and what you need to bring will be emailed to you before the shoot, i like to keep in contact and make sure our shoot is everything you want it to be so please don't hesitate to contact me, our shoot together should be a colaboration of art and ideas!

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