How to prepare for your on location family portraits

Obviously this is your shoot, wear whatever makes you feel comfortable and happy but here's some tips we find the most flattering to ensure you're family are looking your best best and will make you stand out from the background.

✅ Wear solid colours avoiding stripes, bold textures and patterns, this ensures no one person stands out more and we see all your faces.

✅ Go for muted tones over bright colours so you are the subject, not your outfit, bright colours will also make you stand out too much from your surroundings and can create unflattering shapes.

✅ Wear all darks (eg: black shirt and dark denim) or all light tones (eg: white shirt and light denim) this keeps you in proportion, mixing darks and lights can create the illusion of your top or bottom half being larger than the other.

✅ If shooting in a large group and not everyone owns the same colours, choose 1-3 similar colours and mix and match throughout the group to bring you all together.

✅ opt for atleast elbow length sleeves, cardigans over dresses long pants and skirts and dresses past the knee, not because we're prudes but bare skin takes more surface area than your face and tends to draw more attention (especially in dark colours) and can make these features look larger than they actually are.

✅ Keep hair and jewellery to a minimum, this isn't the 80s And more importantly we don't want to draw attention away from your face.

✅ Do your make up how you would on a normal make up wearing day, anything over the top will make you unrecognizable and not... you.

✅ If you don't usually spray tan don't do it for your shoot - because we all know you're not a natural orange.

✅ If it's going to be a cold day maybe rethink that dress, it may be stunning but your facial expression and skin will tell everyone youre freezing more than editing can fix, we're not saying wear snow gear but absolutley bring a warm jacket to wear between shots!

Ultimately we want you and your family to look as natural and flattering as possible and your portrait session to be focused on YOU not what you're wearing.