Meet your tog


My name is Ziggy Lewis and I am a creative entrepreneur, currently in the midst of opening my new studio here in morwell, I am primarily a portrait and wedding photographer and run a photobooth hire business servicing Ballarat to Bairnsdale.

I have previously dabbled in web development, graphic design, makeup and sfx artistry, fashion design and have coordinated catwalk and high fashion events under my own label, I am also a person with a disability called Narcolepsy.

I’ve also had careers at Crown, Asic, YMCA and Sensis, all which my disability made incredibly difficult to accommodate and I felt being my own boss, setting my own hours, workload and doing something that motivates me to keep going was the only way, there are so many positives in my job but in all honesty starting your own creative business requires a lot of patience, heartbreak and hard work, I didn’t come from a wealthy background and have never had anyone financially support me, until just last year I’ve had work to part time on and off since the age of 15 to keep afloat as industries like mine have busy and quiet seasons and bookings aren’t always consistent.

I’ve chosen the valley to settle in and start this new endeavor which i have nothing but positive views about but i didn’t grow up here, or conventionally nor did I ever see myself in the valley when I was in school and thinking about where I wanted to be, I always knew I belonged in a creative industry and felt lucky that I had a few clear career goals, even when there were hurdles I found ways around them because the passion I had was so strong.

I was born in and spent the majority of my childhood I grew up in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne, my earliest memories as photographer were always having a film or polaroid camera and I loved to capture everything and scrapbook about it, through high school my family traveled a lot, all around Australia, I was lucky to see and learn about many different places in Australia and experience some absolutely gorgeous landscapes, this also meant a lot of moving, a lot of different schools and always leaving friends so I spent a lot of time alone, creating, drawing, learning how to use different programs on the computer and creating digital art.

It wasn’t until year 11 we settled in a very small town in south Gippsland, I started VCE at a high school with a fantastic arts program, I think this really cemented where I wanted to take my future, I spent every lunch time in the dark room learning the art of film and experimenting with photography in its first and purest form, after school was teaching myself photoshop and learning about aperture and shutter speeds on the camera I’d borrow from school.

Living in such a small and isolated area as a teenager who had grown up in the city or traveling with many different places to go took a toll on my mental health, my release was my art which had become very dark and moody and I became a bit of a recluse, I started to believe that there was nothing I could create with in this town, no likeminded people and I couldn’t wait to get out.