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Missed Memories

We've missed a lot this year, births, birthdays, weddings, engagements and simple human contact but more than anything, we've missed capturing these moments.

As Victoria eases out of lockdown we're preparing to return to capturing and recreating the memories you've missed this year*

All our staple packages from newborn to family sittings, wedding portraits and more are half price!

If you've missed an important memory this year

reach out, we would love to help you recreate it.

*we aim to ease back into business in a safe and compliant way, you can help us do this by cancelling if you are feeling unwell or waiting for test results, but please give as much notice as possible!

  • Social distancing applies, you may notice we will be shooting from a bit further back than usual, don't worry we have big zoom lenses and your images will still be amazing

  • Limited numbers will be permitted in the studio at one time (no more than 5) we encourage outdoor shoots at this time if possible

  • Limited studio sessions per day, this ensures we can clean and sanitise everything, especially to protect our newborn clients

  • If you are in an area still in stage 3 restrictions please do not travel to the studio as we are outside your area, we will have more specials for you soon!

  • We want to capture your family moments but please book for no more than 5 outside your household, we will be able to accommodate large families again soon

  • Wear your mask to the session, you may remove it for the photos but they are still mandatory before and after

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