Theme of the month

Updated: Sep 17, 2019

What are monthly specials and how do they work??

Well, it’s my opportunity to get creative and play with a specific concept I’ve wanted to for a while, this is also a win for you coz it means discounts!

The theme of the month and discount can apply to any of our packages* from personal portrait sittings to family and beyond, it’s both our chances to get creative and explore a new concept.

*t’s & c’s apply

September theme of the month!


What does this mean to me? This concept was created in my kitchen, literally… I have sun catcher crystals in my kitchen window where the sun comes up every morning to fill the room with rainbows and it makes me so happy and fuels me to go about my day, I want my rainbows to make everyone happy and energize us coming out of this gloomy and dull season with beauty and fun!