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Why our insta sucks


Sorry and I agree, it’s boring but I promise there is a point!

Until launch I’m keeping my work under wraps, mystery and suspense ahoy!

If you haven’t seen it it’s just black and white mainly construction and progress of how the studio is coming along, launch date this is all changing! Our very first theme month is “coming to colour” where we finally get to colour the muted space and I’ll explode the profile with colour and beauty and show the world what I really do.

The page is also serving as a time capsule of our humble beginings, from a large empty space to a 3 room studio with cyclorama (what??) These walls contain my literal blood, sweat and bits of hair (whoops) but don’t let that gross you out, I’ve built this space with my bare hands, from the frames of the walls to the painting and décor, I learnt how to plaster from an afternoon on youtube and poured love into every detail no matter how many times I had to redo it, it was redone with love, this space is my passion and it’s so special to be sharing the journey with everyone.

Read the full construction journey and progress report here

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